Start your own do it yourself auto repair shop!
​No experience necessary!

I have owned and operated a do it yourself auto repair shop for five years in Oceanside, CA. This concept can work, be rewarding, and make money if you do it right and have reasonable expectations. My short book and financial and insurance information can help get your business up and running, saving you thousands in the process.

  1. Business liability and garage keepers insurance referral for this unique concept
  2. YOU CAN'T DO THAT! A 21 page digital book with insights and tips on starting your own DIY auto shop.Provide liability and garage keeper insurance referral or this unique automotive service offering
  3. A complete start up list of tools, equipment, and supplies WITH COSTS AND SOURCES so you know what it will cost to get up and running as smoothly and efficiently as possible
  4. Monthly operating budget of expected expenses
  5. Financial projection of future income and expenses template
  6. Brochures, business card, signs, and other marketing templates
  7. Location recommendations for shop
  8. Unlimited onsite tours of our DIY shop in Oceanside, CA
  9. Operations manual
  10. Staffing recommendations
  11. Shop setup consulting including lifts, bays, and other required fixtures/equipment recommendations to make sure you minimize your up front cost and maximize your profit potential.
  12. Provide liability waivers and orientation videos for DIY customers
  13. Busted Knuckle Club members program​

This package is $999

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2420 Industry Street, Suite C
​Oceanside, CA 92054